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At Family Law Consultants we appreciate that paying your legal fees at such a difficult time can be challenging. We are able to offer you an affordable way of funding your Divorce and financial settlement with a specialist Divorce Loan from Novitas Loans. Novitas is a leading provider of divorce loans. Now that Legal Aid is no longer available for the vast majority of divorces and related financial settlements (ancillary relief), it is becoming increasingly common for people to put off divorce indefinitely preventing them moving on with life or be faced with the daunting prospect of representing yourself at court with no knowledge of matrimonial laws and the court process. A legal funding loan would make money available to pay your legal fees, allowing you to divorce and seek a financial settlement with our help, when you may have thought it not possible.

This loan service is intended for those people divorcing and wishing to seek a financial settlement.

The Novitas loan has been designed to run alongside your legal proceedings and pay for your legal fees, including expenses such as court fees or barrister's fees, so that you don't have to find the cash up front. At the end of your case your settlement is used to repay your loan to Novitas and then the balance is paid to you.

For more information about Novitas, their divorce loan service and charges, please see their website at www.novitasfutures.co.uk.

Please note that Novitas is a completely separate company to Family Law Consultants. We do not receive any referral fee or commission from Novitas. As we are not able to provide you with financial advice or information regarding other funding options available to you, we strongly recommend that you seek independent financial advice as to the best way of funding your solicitors fees for divorce.

If you would wish to use a Novitas divorce loan to fund your divorce, please contact us in order to discuss your personal circumstances, as to whether you might be eligible to apply. Before you can apply you must have had your divorce petition prepared as a minimum, after that you can use the loan at any stage up to and including a final hearing. Please be aware that in the vast majority of cases you must have a property which will be part of your divorce settlement.

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