Financial (Clean Break) Package

Ancillary Relief (Matrimonial Financial Matters) "Clean Break" Package

Divorce is a legal process ending the contract of marriage. However, it is very important to us that you understand at the start of your case that a Divorce will not deal with the division of your house, assets, income, pensions etc.

To deal with your matrimonial finances you will need to instruct us to represent you in this regard. As solicitors, we call this process Ancillary Relief. Work done with regard to Ancillary Relief matters is normally charged at an hourly rate. However in order to simplify the charging process for you and to make matters as cost effective as possible we have formulated a package price. This package will only be relevant to you if you have already divided your finances and you simply want to record this at court creating a "Clean Break" between you or if you are simply keeping your own assets and have no remaining joint assets to be divided.

Ancillary Relief " Clean Break Package" includes:-

  • Legal advice and support. This includes up to 1 hour personal attendance (if needed).
  • Telephone calls, emails and letters to/from you, your spouses' solicitor and the court.
  • Drafting the Consent Order or Approving/Considering a draft consent, preparing the Statement of Information and Form A application. Dealing with court enquires.
  • Court fee for filing the Consent Order at court.

Legal Fees £700.00

VAT £140.00

Court Fees £50.00

Total £890.00

What's not included:-

  • The process of financial disclosure, that is disclosing evidence of your income, assets, pension etc to your spouse or their legal advisor and obtaining your spouses financial disclosure.
  • Negotiations for settlement are not included as it is assumed that you will each keep your own assets and that there are no assets in your joint names to be dealt with.

Should your require advice as to an appropriate settlement and help negotiating a settlement (to be incorporated into a Consent Order) then you will need to choose one of our other packages. Please do not hesitate to speak to one of our solicitors in order to decide which package best suits your needs.