International Expat Divorce Solicitors

British people spend more and more time abroad. If you or your spouse lives outside Britain but still retains a connection here, you may still wish to get divorced using the laws of England and Wales.

Why Should I Get A UK Divorce?

Expats seek U.K. divorces for several reasons. These include:

  • The quick and efficient legal process
  • Representation from an English solicitor who understands what you are going through
  • No language barriers
  • Familiarity with the English system of law
  • In certain circumstances, there is a more favourable approach to financial settlements.

Details of our expat divorce package can be found on our How We Charge pages.

Can I Get Divorced In The UK?

At Family Law Consultants in Leamington Spa, we regularly advise expats who were born here and would like to use the English divorce process.

If you are an expat facing divorce, it is crucial to seek advice from a specialist in family law to see if you are eligible for a divorce using the U.K. system. Just because you were born here does not automatically entitle you to a British divorce.

To get divorced in the U.K., we generally need to establish a continuing link between you or your spouse and the U.K. This might include a U.K. home or other asset such as a pension. We regularly advise people based in France and Spain as well as clients based further afield in countries such as Canada, Hong Kong and Costa Rica.

What About My Overseas Property?

When assets are distributed over multiple locations, matters can become more complicated — at Family Law Consultants, we have the expertise to ensure that a watertight settlement is achieved irrespective of where marital property is situated.

If you are unable to agree on how property is to be divided, we can work closely with lawyers in the relevant countries. This is because English courts are unable to make decisions about assets located elsewhere.

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