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Going through a divorce or facing up to unresolved issues about the care of your children is tough. The last thing you need is a solicitor who won't communicate clearly with you. At Family Law Consultants in Leamington Spa, our solicitors are friendly and approachable. At a confusing and uncertain time, they deliver practical advice with sensitivity and clarity to clients in Leamington, Coventry and the surrounding areas.

We have personal experience with divorce and have learnt valuable lessons from going through the process: We know that our advice will have an impact on almost every aspect of your family life — so we don't just see ourselves as formal legal advisors: We offer personal support as well, helping you address practicalities such as day-to-day living arrangements and how to meet living costs while your divorce is being finalised.

Both partners have many years' experience in family law, including divorce and the division of matrimonial assets, separation, civil partnerships and cohabitation issues. We also regularly deal with private child law matters such as residence (commonly known as custody) and contact disputes (previously known as access) and can advise victims of domestic violence.

By concentrating all our resources on family law, we aim to deliver a first-rate service. Despite our experience, we never stop learning: We make a point of keeping up to date with developments in family law so that our approach is as fresh and current as it can be.

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